It is easy to give others advice about how to get laid, but actually putting a plan into action is a completely different story. No strategic game plan is going to work for every single person but there are some guidelines to keep in mind when trying to hook up.

It is absolutely essential to use body language to your advantage. Test the waters by touching lightly but don't try anything too intimate. Lightly touch her shoulder, hand, arm or knee during conversation. If she appears uncomfortable, stop right away and continue with the conversation. You can also use sexual innuendos in a conversation. Be flirty but don't become annoying. A little charm can go a long way.

Get Laid:

Be comfortable having a discussion that is unrelated to sex. The entire date should not be spent talking and thinking about sex. One of the best things about dating is the opportunity to get to know somebody else. Be mysterious and alluring by drawing your date in with interesting topics of conversation. While sex is physical it is also about feeling intimacy. You can steer the topic of conversation toward sex to get an idea of how your date feels about it.

Dating with Girls:

One of the best secrets to learning how to get laid is not to expect anything right away. Take it slow. Sometimes it takes communication and a buildup of physical attraction to create a sexual relationship.

How to Get Laid:

The most important thing to remember about learning how to get laid is to avoid putting pressure on your partner to have sex with you. You want the sexual relationship to progress naturally. It is not okay to try to convince or coerce somebody to sleep with you if they are not completely into it. It is never okay to manipulate somebody or to insult her if she says no. Consent is sexy because it proves that the other person truly wants to have sex with you.


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